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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a summary on the manner how we process your personal data while using the Bitaroo Pty Ltd’s services. Information that is more detailed is set out after this summary.

Bitaroo Pty Ltd ABN 11 629 701 953 (hereinafter “The Company”, “us” or “we”) is the data controller for personal data processed under this Privacy Policy and is responsible for ensuring that the processing is performed in accordance with applicable legislation. We are obliged under the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles which form part of that Act to undertake measures to ensure the way we collect, process and use of your personal data is in compliance with the stated legislation.

The use of personal data is necessary for us to provide our Service to you. This means that if you cannot provide us with some or all the needed information that we may ask from time to time, we may not be able to verify your identity and we will not be able to provide you with our Service partially and/or fully.

Taking into consideration that this Privacy Policy constitutes a part of the Terms of Service, you are kindly requested to read the Terms of Service prior to reading the Privacy Policy. Click here for the Terms of Service.

Type of data that we collect, process and use

The personal data that we process consist of the information provided by you when registering with The Company (or website) and/or information requested from us from time to time in compliance with the applicable regulations.
The purposes with our processing of personal data include the ability to deliver the Service to you through our website and to fulfil our legal obligations. While delivering our service to you we may collect personal data and information such as:

1) Identification details, including but not limited to name and surname, current and previous addresses, date of birth, telephone number, Personal identification document number (ID, driver license, passport);
2) E-mail and password to make it possible for you to sign in to your account;
3) Location or activity including IP address, device information, operating system, web log information;
4) Bank account numbers and digital currency account information

Your personal data may be transferred to companies outside Australia that we have engaged to be able to provide our Service to you. The personal data will be transferred with good manner and physical and electronic protection will be applied if such transfers happen.

How we use your personal data and information?

We use your personal data to be able to provide you with the offered services of The Company. The Company uses the personal data and information provided by you for proving the identity under Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and internal regulations. Also, we use the personal data and information for the purposes of fraud prevention.
We may use the data and information provided by you upon request by law enforcement or government agency.
We can also use the data and information for providing you with our service, for example to process transactions, send you e-mail notifications, to send information to our support staff including troubleshooting. The Company may use also the data and information to send you relevant information in relation to your account, e.g. welcome email, offers, updates, changes in the Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy and similar.

What are your rights as regards your personal data?

You have the right to request information on what personal data and information we process, for what purposes the data has been used, and the information for the parties to whom the data can been provided. You have also the right to request a correction of any inaccurate or incomplete personal data and information.
You are entitled to object to certain processing or request that the processing of the personal data is restricted. However, even if you object to certain processing, The Company may still continue such processing if allowed or obligated to do so under applicable legislation, for example to be able to fulfil legal obligations.
You have the right to receive the personal data concerning you, which you have provided to us, on commonly used and readable format. Also, you can choose to opt-out from sending to you email notifications that refer to direct marketing (offers, marketing newsletters etc.).

How we protect your personal data and information?

The Company has implemented technical and organisational measures for the protection of your personal data and information to ensure that only authorised persons are given access to it. The Company uses technical security systems, such as firewalls, encryption technologies, passwords and anti-virus programs, to prevent and avoid unauthorised use of personal data and information.

However, services offered by The Company by its nature might be subject to some breaches, bugs and other software malfunctions that are out of company’s control. In such case, The Company will in good faith undertake all necessary measures in its power to prevent breaches fix bugs and other software malfunctions and will not be liable for losses that occur in such cases.

Who has access to your personal data and information?

Personal data and information provided to us by you is used by:
• Employees of The Company including employees that may be leased from other companies;
• Third party vendors and suppliers;
• Government authorities, enforcement agencies and other bodies authorised by law;
• Payments system operations and other financial institutions, including banks;
• Third party marketing services etc.
The Company will ensure that all the data and information that is transferred is under circumstances described in the “How we protect your personal data and information?” part above.

Usage of Cookies by The Company

The Company uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide web services and functionalities for the users. The Company by using cookies may collect personal data and information when you access our website. We may record certain actions while you are visiting our website. Cookies are not used to identify you personally, but however we will handle any personal information collected by cookies in the same way that we use all other personal information as described in this Privacy Policy and in accordance to the applicable regulations.

You may be able to choose whether you wish to accept cookies. Most web browsers allow control of the above listed cookies through the browser settings. By adjusting your web browser, you may avoid receiving cookies.

Period of retention of Personal Data and Information

We retain your personal data and information for the period necessary to comply with the applicable legislation, for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Personal data and information needed for opening your account will be held at least for the period of five years after your account is terminated. Also, information regarding transactions will be held in the period of five years, calculated from the last performed transaction. Personal data and information will be erased after finishing the needed period for retention in accordance to the applicable regulations.

Updates of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy can be updated by us from time to time. If you wish personal data and information to be used other than as stipulated in the Privacy Policy in force at the time of data collection, notice of any such modifications of the Privacy Policy will be provided to you in a visible manner (e.g. such notice may be sent to you via email).

Complaints regarding personal data and information

If you have any complaints on how we use your personal data and information, or would like further information, we would ask you to first contact our Personal Data Protection Officer (PDPO) by emailing

It is advisable that, in order to resolve the issue more quickly and effectively, you send any complaints or enquiries to The Company prior to addressing the authorities. However, you can also always make a complaint about how we process your personal data with the relevant public supervisory authority – the Financial Markets Authority on Tel: 0800 434 566 or email:

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

The acceptance of this Privacy Policy is obligatory for all users. If the you, the user, do not accept the provisions of this Privacy Policy the usage of The Company services are prohibited. Also, users need to accept the amendments in this Policy that can be made from time to time in order for The Company to be compliant with the applicable regulations.

Contact us

If you have any questions and concerns about the application of this Privacy Policy, please contact us by emailing